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Buying a Home in the Mountains - Real Estate Right Now - Scott Thompson and Jay Izso

Buying a Home in the Mountains – Scott Thompson and Jay Izso

Many people are interested in purchasing a home in the mountains. Some for investment purposes, some as a vacation property, others just want to live in the mountains. Is there a difference in the buying process? Are there considerations you should make before you purchase that mountain home? Home Buyers Expert Specialist Scott Thompson of Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us on Real Estate Right Now. Scott has lived in the mountains most of his life. He has purchased and sold mountain homes over the course of his life. And he talks with us about what you should know when it comes to purchasing your mountain home.  YOU can contact[…]

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Steve Kruger and Jay Izso Intro to Buying Your First Rental Property -Real Estate Right Now

Introduction to Buying Your First Rental – Steve Kruger and Jay Izso

  A popular topic we are often asked on Real Estate Right Now is about investing in real estate. There is certainly more to it that buying something and renting it. For example: How do you know if the property you are going to buy is going to be a good investment? How do you calculate the “CAP” rate? What is a “CAP” rate for that matter? How do you know if you are going to get a good return on your investment (ROI). Well on this episode Selling, Buying, and Investor Purchasing expert Steve Kruger (Professor Kruger), from Linda Craft Team, Realtors takes you to an introductory class on[…]

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Doug Schoonmaker and Jay Izso Real Estate Right Now Show

Mortgage Programs with 100% financing – Todays Market and More!

There is an song from the 80’s entiteld “Should Stay or Should I Go” by the “Clash”.  Well we ask the quesiton in this episode of Real Estate Right Now with “Should I Buy or Should I Stay”. Doug Schoonmaker, VP, Mortgage Originator/Area Sales Manager for Unitied Community Bank gives us an update in the real estate market, and some tips on navigating this market. Are we headed for a recession.  Doug also introduces us to two programs with 100% financing.  It is a fun show that will certainly educate you…listen for Doug’s little ditty entitled, “Marry the Mortgage and Date the Rate”. Linda Craft Team, Realtors for 35 years their clients[…]

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Real Estate Fact or Fiction Dwayne Reese Jay Izso - Real Estate Right Now Show

Real Estate: Fact or Fiction

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to real estate. Some are true, some have a hint of truth, but most are false. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, seller and buyer expert Dwayne Reese with Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us to help separate the “facts” from the “fiction” when it comes to real estate. Fact or Fiction: The real estate market is going to tank? Fact or Fiction: You do not need an real estate professional when you purchase a new home? Fact or Fiction: Now is not a good time to buy a home? Fact or Fiction: Now is not a good time to[…]

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Bill Smith and Jay Izso Interview with a First Time Home Buyer - Real Estate Right Now

Interview with a First Time Homebuyer

People buy homes everyday. But how many people have truly shared their experience? Experiences such as their motivations to want to purchase a home. What their fears and concerns were buying their first home. That process of selecting a home that they felt was right for them. Was there buyers’ remorse? Well in this episode we meet a first time home buyers Bill Smith who is in his 20’s purchasing his first home? How did he do it? Why did he do it? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Are you ready to make your next life transition?  When it[…]

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Jason Kogok and Jay Izso Real Estate Right Now Show

A Beginners Guide to Building Wealth With Real Estate – Jason Kogok

One of the most common requested shows we are asked to do is shows in regard to investing in real estate. To be perfectly honest there is so much to say when it comes to real estate investing, but having a step by step process makes it so much easier. So if you are one of those who have asked, “how do I invest in real estate and build wealth?” Look no further because this episode is for you. Author and Real Estate Investment guru Jason Kogok joins us for the full show to tak about real estate investing for beginners and brings to life his latest book, “Plug the[…]

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Crazy Things in Real Estate - Kim Crump - Jay Izso - Real Estate Right Now Show

Crazy Things in Real Estate & What a Hanyman Can Do for You

Real estate is not always glamourous. In fact there are times when real estate takes some pretty crazy twists and turns. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Listing and Buyer Specialist Kim Crump of Linda Craft Team Realtors joins us to share with some of the unusual, weird, and down right bizarre situations she has incountered in her real estate career. Then Handyman Steve Austin (not to be confused with the 6 MIllion Dollar Man) talks about making repairs or making enhancements to your home, and he will aslotalk about some of the most unusual requests he has done that you may think a handyman may not do. […]

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Fred Pierson and Jay Izso - Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting Your Home Ready for Sale – Making a Great First Impression

We all know that saying, “You only get one time to make a first impression” and when it comes to selling your home, it is absolutely true. In fact, in a recent National Association of Realtors Survey a stage home can sell between 3 and 30 times more. (see link: NAR Survey) In this episode Andrew Truesdale, Listing and Buyers Specialist with Linda Craft Team Realtors, talks to us about how the market has changed because of increased competition and why making an emotional connection and making a first impression is so critical.  Then he shares his years of successful selling experience to help you understand what you need to[…]

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Christopher Coy and Jay Izso - Are We in a Recession - Real Estate Right Now Show

Are We in a Real Estate Recession?

That’s the big question many people are asking…Are we in a housing recession? The reality is it depends on who you ask. Some will say, “yes, we are.” Others will say, “we are not even close”, and still others will say, “it’s knocking at our door”. Who do you believe? And what are the signs? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, real estate veteran Steve Kruger, Listing and Buyer Expert from Linda Craft Team Realtors and holds an economics degree from University of Tennessee joins us to give us his professional perspective on what are the signs of a recession, what one looks like, are we in one,[…]

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Michael Martin - Real Estate Right Now Show - Market Update - Recasting, Refinancing, and Reverse MortgagesJay Izso

Market Update – Recasting Refinancing and Reverse Mortgages

Since the beginning of the year the real estate market has changed, but what is the market really doing? What does it mean for you as a buyer and seller? Does the rise in interest rates really have an effect on home purchases? Will there be a house bubble? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Tony Fink, Listing and Buyers Professional with Linda Craft Team, Realtors  will help us untangle the data give us some ideas of how to approach the market from a buyer, seller, and investor perspective. Then Michael Martin producing branch manger for Fairway Mortage helps us understand the market from his perspective. He will[…]

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