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Stacey Anfindsen end of year Triangle Area Residential Real Estate Report Real Estate Right Now Show with Jay Izso

4th Quarter Triangle Area Residential Real Estate Report

For those of you who do are not from the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. This area is made up of three cities with three major Universities, Chapel Hill (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Durham (Duke University), and Raleigh (North Carolina State University). This area makes up a triangle that house hundreds of major businesses known around the world. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Owner, Creator, of the T.A.R.R. Report (Triangle Area Residential Real Estate) Stacey Afindsen joins us to give us an update of all kinds of critical data that affects the Triangle area. We talk what he sees as far as housing[…]

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Real Estate Morgage Predictions for 2023 - Chis Coy and Jay Izso - Real Estate Right Now Show

Real Estate Mortgage Predictions for 2023

Like most people we are all wondering what it is the real estate market and the mortgage marketing going to do. Can we make a safe prediction? Does the data tell us anything? Are you on the fence as to whether you should buy or sell? Should you get out of your apartment? Townebank Senior Loan Officer and Market Researcher Chris Coy joins us on this episode of Real Estate Right Now to provide you with some predictions and insights based on the data. As well as some things you will want to consider in the current real estate market and going forward. Join us! Linda Craft Team, Realtors, For[…]

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2023 Real Estate Insights and Predictions - Tony Fink - Real Estate Right Now - Jay Izso

Real Estate Insights and Predictions for 2023

Well here we are in 2023. It’s a new year in real estate. Last year was, well, for a lack of a better term…wild. At the beginning of the year houses were flying off the market at record prices. By the end of the year, we saw interest rates rise for the first time in years, and the market went from a normalization to a slow down. That begs the question: What about 2023? What can we expect? Well of course like last year no one know for sure what it will bring, but there some indicators of what we may see in 2023. In this episode of Real Estate[…]

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