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Paul Fitts and Jay Izso - Carreers - Real Estate Right Now Show

How to be Successful in Real Estate or the Mortgage Profession

According to the National Association of Realtors 87% of people who start a career in real estate fail. The reasons are many. The better question to ask is how can someone be successful in the real estate profession. Perhaps you thought about real estate as a career, but your not sure what it will take to be successful. Highly successful real estate veteran Dwayne Reece Selling and Buyer Specialist with Linda Craft Team, Realtors returns on this show to talk about what it truly takes to be a success in the real estate industry. Wait, when it comes to the careers in the real estate industry we cannot forget about[…]

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Linda Craft - Buyer Beware - What you should know before buying a home - Real estate right now

Buyer Beware! Things You Should Know Before Buying a Home

    In this Episode of Real Estate Right Now! We are talking about what you need to be aware of before you purchase a home. We all know that things are never going to be perfect when it comes to purchasing a home. But what should we realistically expect before we purchase a home? Linda Craft, CEO and Owner of Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us to discuss, “what the property disclosure doesn’t tell you”,  from asbestos popcorn ceilings to meth labs…yes…you read that right, health concerns, and how to avoid expensive remedies. Heather Williams, from First American Home Warrenty helps us understand what a home warranty is, what[…]

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First Time Home Buyers Kathryn Youngs- Real Estate Right Now

First Time Home Buyers

The market has changed. Higher interest rates, low inventory, higher prices is there room for the first time home buyer? Yes there is! What does it take to be a first time home buyer in this new market? What should you know that you don’t know as first time home buyer? What mortgage options are there for first time home buyers? All these questions and more, including some funny stories all on this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Our first guest is Kim Crump, listing and buyers expert from Linda Craft Team, Realtors.  She opens Real Estate Right Now talking about the typical first time home buyers emotions, how[…]

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Investing in Real Estate: The How, the What, and the Who

Investing in Real Estate: The How, The What and The Who

When it comes to investing in real estate people are always curious.  Perhaps you  are one of them?  Questions like…How does one get started in real estate investing?  What kind of properties are most people investing in?  And when it comes to investing in real estate who do you talk to? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Three experts that have professional experience in real estate investing from the small to the large are about to help you learn the how, what, and the who of investing in real estate. Our first guest Steve Kruger listing and buyers specialist with Linda Craft Team Realtors, has years of personal[…]

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Condos and Townhomes - Real Estate Right Now Show

Condos and Townhomes – What You Need to Know

This is the condo/townhome episode.  If you were wondering about the difference in condo’s versus townhomes vs single family homes…this is your show. We start off by talking with Dwayne Reece Listing and Buyers Expert with Linda Craft and Team, Realtors as he walks us through the differences between condos and townhomes and what are the pros and cons. Then Tony Fink (and check out his Fink Funny on Wednesdays) talks to us about Home Owners Associations, what is their role, and why they are important.  He further talks us through what are the most important things buyers should know before they purchase a townhome or condo. Finally Paul Fitts[…]

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Real Estate Right Now Episode 4

New Homes – Agent Experience – Buyers Closing Manager – Home Insurance

In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Linda Craft & Team, Realtors, Selling/Listing Agent Dwayne Reese talks to us how the change in the market has affected new home sales and how that affects you. Listing and Buying Specialist Kim Crump rejoins us to relay her story of become a real estate professional and how all real estate agents are not the same and some tips that you may want to look for when interviewing prospective agents to either list or purchase a home. Buyer’s Closing Manager and Bilingual Spanish speaking Buyer’s agent Nogui Aramburo explains what entails being a closing manager, why having a closing manager is[…]

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real estate right now Episode 3

Are We in a Bubble – Closing Manager – Buyer Stories – Home Interior Professionals Make a Difference Eps 3

Are we in the beginnings of a real estate bubble?  Should you rent or buy?  When the economy changes what should you do buy or sell?  Tony Fink Listing and Buyers Specialist from Linda Craft & Team, Realtors has the number and the statistics to settle your emotions and give you clarity on today’s real estate market. What does a Closing Coordinator do?  Well the fact is she does a ton.  Angela Hawley Closing Coordinator extraordinaire joins to tell us a Closing coordinator makes life easy on a seller and the agent and some of the challenges she must face and overcome Is buying a house emotional or logical? If[…]

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Episode 2: The Normalizing with the Market - Fix and Flip - Due Diligence - Home Inspections

Real Estate Normalizing – Fix and Flip – Due Diligence – Home Inspections – Eps 2

In Episode 2 of Real Estate Right Now! Dwayne Reese, Listing and Buyers Expert with Linda Craft and Team, Realtors talks to us about how the market it is “normalizing” and “balancing” as inventory continues to rise. He talks about dealing with buyers from other markets as they come into the Research Triangle Park and compares the market to running. Steve Kruger Listing and Buyers Expert with Linda Craft and Team, Realtors tells us a story of how the Linda Craft & Team “Fix and Flip” program netted a seller an extra $12000 and explains how the “Fix and Flip” program works and what things that get fixed tend to[…]

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Real Estate Right Now

Pilot Episode: Market Update, Selling for More, Buying for Less, Interest Rates

This is the pilot episode:  And you will notice originally it was entitled the “Real Real Estate Show” before we realized someone already had a show of that title.  Which is why we now call it “Real Estate Right Now” Show going forward. In this episode Tony Fink, Listing and Buyer Specialist with Linda Craft and Team, Realtors talks about the state of the real estate market. Andrew Truesdale, Listing Specialist for Linda Craft and Team, Realtors shares a story of how he was able to convince and ibuyer that he could make them more money on the sale of their home…and he got them $100,000 over list price. Kim[…]

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