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Bill Smith and Jay Izso Interview with a First Time Home Buyer - Real Estate Right Now

Interview with a First Time Homebuyer

People buy homes everyday. But how many people have truly shared their experience? Experiences such as their motivations to want to purchase a home. What their fears and concerns were buying their first home. That process of selecting a home that they felt was right for them. Was there buyers’ remorse? Well in this episode we meet a first time home buyers Bill Smith who is in his 20’s purchasing his first home? How did he do it? Why did he do it? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Are you ready to make your next life transition?  When it[…]

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First Time Home Buyers Kathryn Youngs- Real Estate Right Now

First Time Home Buyers

The market has changed. Higher interest rates, low inventory, higher prices is there room for the first time home buyer? Yes there is! What does it take to be a first time home buyer in this new market? What should you know that you don’t know as first time home buyer? What mortgage options are there for first time home buyers? All these questions and more, including some funny stories all on this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Our first guest is Kim Crump, listing and buyers expert from Linda Craft Team, Realtors.  She opens Real Estate Right Now talking about the typical first time home buyers emotions, how[…]

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