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Kristy Slater - New Trends and Ideas for Christmas - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

New Trends and Ideas for Christmas

Holiday season is upon us. You can’t avoid it. The Christmas seasonal stuff was already coming out in September! Seriously!? And when are being bombarded earlier and earlier with holiday things to add to our homes to decorate them to the hilt. But what are really some of the decorating trends? And can there be a point when decorating gets to be too much? And what if you are in the middle of selling your home? How much should you decorate? Well on this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Kristy Slater joins us to talk about home holiday decorating, and gives all of us some great advice on what[…]

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Why Waiting for Interest Rates to Go Down May Not Be In Your Best Interest

“I will wait until interest rates go down.” We have heard it said. You may have even said it yourself. But as we have seen interest rates have not gone down, and the cost of housing has increased. Now what is the strategy? Is now the time to wait out the market? For many it is still I will wait, but what factors are you not considering by waiting? Could it be in reality costing you more? That dream house you have had your eye on…is it getting more expensive? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Seller and Buyer Expert Dwayne Reese with Linda Craft Team Realtors joins[…]

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Tony Fink 3 Seller Myths and 3 Buyer Myths - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Real Estate Mythbusters: 3 Seller Myths 3 Buyer Myths

Real Estate Mythbusting There are so many things happening in real estate right now. Interest rates have increased, low housing inventory, some places and prices are still experiencing multiple offers. Some people are afraid to sell, some are trying to buy, but not sure if they can. It can feel all quite chaotic. And then couple that with different things we all hear from different people it is difficult to sort the myths to the realty. Well in this episode of Real Estate Right Now we do some more Real Estate Mythbusting with Buyers Seller and Buyers Expert Tony Fink of Linda Craft Team Realtors. This is a fun show,[…]

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