Commercial Real Estate Where Are We At What are the Opportunities

Robb Ward or HTR Commercial Real Estate Service - Talking Commercial Real Estate on Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso
There are many rumors about the state of the market in commercial real estate. For many there is a great interest in purchasing commercial real estate. The truth is for the average consumer many do not understand it, and how it differs from purchasing a house.
The truth is the commercial real estate market is more than just office buildings.  Have you considered apartments, warehouses, flex space, churches, storage units, and more!  There is so many opportunities in the commercial real estate market, which ones are hot and which ones are not.
In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Robb Ward of HTR Commercial Real Estate gives us an update of the current happenings in the commercial real estate market, what’s hot and what’s not. He will also talk about where there are opportunities for investment and more!  You can email 
This episode of Real Estate Right Now was filmed live at Linda Craft Team, Realtors studios in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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