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Stacey Anfindsen and Jay Izso End of Year RTP Housing Report

What You Need to Know About the Research Triangle Housing Market – Stacey Anfindsen

One of the hottest markets in the U.S. is the Research Triangle Park (RTP) North Carolina market. If you are not familiar with the RTP then it is an area made of of three cities with three prominent research Universities. Raleigh North Carolina which is home to North Carolina State University, Durham North Carolina with is home to Duke University, and Chapel Hill North Carolina which is the home of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, the owner and publisher of the TARR Report (Triangle Area Residential Realty) Stacey Anfindsen joins us to inform you where the RTP market has[…]

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The Last Gift You Give - Beth Bowen and Jay Izso - Real Estate Right Now Show

The Last Gift You Will Give Your Loved Ones – Wills, Estates, Children and More – NC Attorney Beth Bowen

No one wants to think about it. Even fewer want to talk about it. And none of us want to do it. That is the finality of our lives. But the truth is, if we do not think about it, your home, your legacy may be in the hands of the Government. Tied up for years in the courts as your relatives try to get the things you wished to have left them. But because you didn’t do the necessary things to ensure they would have it, they are spending money they may not have to get it. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, North Carolina Attorney Beth[…]

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Paul Fitts and Jay Izso Buying a Home for the Holidays

New Home Loan Limits – Buying a Home for the Holidays

With rising interest rates there have been some major changes in loan limits and loan programs. If you have been on the fence about buying a home then you may want to tune into the show and get the inside scoop as to what new programs are available to help make your buying decisions easier. Paul Fitts from Advantage Lending returns to the show to give you some economic insights and put your mind at easy when it comes to home shopping during the holiday season. Join us for a holiday en-LIGHTEN-ing show. Linda Craft & Team, Realtors for 35 years their clients say they are have “legendary” customer service. […]

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Kristy Slater - Putting Your Home on the Market for the Holidays.- Real Estate Right Now Show

An Interior Design Expert Talks Putting Your Home on the Market for the Holidays

Here we are it’s holiday season. When it comes selling your home there are some common questions: Should I put my home on the market during the holiday season, or would it be batter to wait? If I do put my home on the market for sale, should I decorate my home? After all you do want it to feel like Christmas…right? And finally, you may ask, “So how do I get this started”… Well thankfully for ALL of US Kristy Slater the Lead Designer for Show Homes of Raleigh is going to join us on this episode of Real Estate Right Now to provide us with her experience and[…]

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