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Kim Crump - How the NAR Settlement May Affect You - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

How Might the NAR Settlement Affect You as a Buyer or Seller?

As the National Association of Realtors settlement draws nearer and changes will inevitably be made to real estate in the summer, the question looms how will these changes affect you? Fortunately, if you are living in North Carolina, because of their proactive nature, there will be change, but probably not as dramatic as the rest of the country. But there is still some panic, uncertainty, and misinformation about who will be affected, how dramatic it may be, and how will real estate be conducted. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Veteran Sellers and Buyers Expert Kim Crump of Linda Craft Team Realtors joins us to give us a[…]

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Linda Craft - What Does the NAR Settlement Mean to You and Conducting Real Estate - Real Estate Right Now Show

What Does the NAR Settlement Really Mean to You and Conducting Real Estate

What Does The NAR Lawsuit Real Mean for Real Estate? The news has been all over the fact that the National Association of Realtors has settled to pay hundreds of millions of dollars on a law suit. What was this lawsuit really about? Is every state affected the same way? But what does this really mean to the future of doing real estate? How does it affect consumers? And how does it affect real estate professionals? Well time will ultimately tell, but there are some things we do know for sure will need to change as this may not be all that great for the consumer. In this episode of[…]

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