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Buying a Home in the Mountains - Real Estate Right Now - Scott Thompson and Jay Izso

Buying a Home in the Mountains – Scott Thompson and Jay Izso

Many people are interested in purchasing a home in the mountains. Some for investment purposes, some as a vacation property, others just want to live in the mountains. Is there a difference in the buying process? Are there considerations you should make before you purchase that mountain home? Home Buyers Expert Specialist Scott Thompson of Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us on Real Estate Right Now. Scott has lived in the mountains most of his life. He has purchased and sold mountain homes over the course of his life. And he talks with us about what you should know when it comes to purchasing your mountain home.  YOU can contact[…]

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Steve Kruger and Jay Izso Intro to Buying Your First Rental Property -Real Estate Right Now

Introduction to Buying Your First Rental – Steve Kruger and Jay Izso

  A popular topic we are often asked on Real Estate Right Now is about investing in real estate. There is certainly more to it that buying something and renting it. For example: How do you know if the property you are going to buy is going to be a good investment? How do you calculate the “CAP” rate? What is a “CAP” rate for that matter? How do you know if you are going to get a good return on your investment (ROI). Well on this episode Selling, Buying, and Investor Purchasing expert Steve Kruger (Professor Kruger), from Linda Craft Team, Realtors takes you to an introductory class on[…]

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Doug Schoonmaker and Jay Izso Real Estate Right Now Show

Mortgage Programs with 100% financing – Todays Market and More!

There is an song from the 80’s entiteld “Should Stay or Should I Go” by the “Clash”.  Well we ask the quesiton in this episode of Real Estate Right Now with “Should I Buy or Should I Stay”. Doug Schoonmaker, VP, Mortgage Originator/Area Sales Manager for Unitied Community Bank gives us an update in the real estate market, and some tips on navigating this market. Are we headed for a recession.  Doug also introduces us to two programs with 100% financing.  It is a fun show that will certainly educate you…listen for Doug’s little ditty entitled, “Marry the Mortgage and Date the Rate”. Linda Craft Team, Realtors for 35 years their clients[…]

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