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Chris Coy - What You Should Know About the Home Closing Statement Part 2- Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Part 2 – What You Should Know at Closing About the Home Disclosure Statement

When you get ready to close on your home, you will be presented with the Home Disclosure Statement. It is going to have a bunch of dollar figures on it, and many of them are not going to make sense. In fact, you may ask, “What am I paying all this for?” And those are great questions. You may also ask, “Why is there an Escrow account?”, “How much is lender making on the load?”, “What do you mean I have to pay taxes before they are due?” and probably many more. When you purchase a home, the home closing disclosure can look very confusing not to mention intimidating. On[…]

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Chris Coy - What You Should Know About the Home Closing Disclosure - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What You Should Know About the Closing Disclosure – Part 1

Well, it’s almost here. You have negotiated that house that you always wanted, you have done the inspections. You have negotiated the inspections. And now you are getting ready for closing… But wait! What is this document that has all these numbers and figures on it. They used to call it a HUD? You don’t understand. And what do all these numbers mean. There is some terms and terminology that doesn’t make sense. And why is this money going to these certain line items? It’s all so confusing. In the next two episodes of Real Estate Right Now Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with Townebank Chris Coy helps us understand the[…]

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Russ Broome - What You Need to Know About Finding Commercial Real Estate For Your Business - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What A Business Should Know About Commercial Real Estate

Every business starts with an idea. And as that idea keeps getting more and more detail the business starts to move into some sort of reality. Maybe it starts in your garage or basement, but there will come a time it needs to move into a commercial space. Now what do you do? You are a business. You have never purchased or leased commercial real estate, what do you really need to know? Where do you start? How do you know if your getting into is the right price? What else should you know from a business stand point. On this episode of Real Estate Right Now we bring on[…]

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Sophie LaPierre - What You May Not Know About Becoming A New Real Estate Broker - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What You Should Know About Joining Your First Real Estate Team

I have said that getting into real estate is like Denny’s…”You don’t make a reservation to go there, but after a few drinks it’s where everybody seems to wind up.” Well maybe that is not exactly true, but fact remains that many people have the thought about getting into real estate. And by the way there are all generations of people who are interested in it. And they get interested in it for a variety of reasons. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Sophie LaPierre a new real estate professional with Linda Craft Team, Realtors joins us to talk about her experience joining a new real estate team.[…]

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Paul Fitts - What You Should Know About Getting Your First Mortgage - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What You Should Know About Getting Your First Mortgage

With interest rates coming down, some of you are considering purchasing a home. Typically, people who purchase a home need a mortgage. Most often people will start their home purchasing process by speaking with a real estate professional. But a great real estate professional will tell you to start your home purchase with a mortgage lender. The reason being seller’s want to ensure that you can obtain a mortgage before you can purchase the home. So now you set up a meeting with a mortgage lender, what should you expect? What should you be prepared for? Do you need to bring anything with you? In this episode of Real Estate[…]

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