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Steve Kruger - Answering Viewer and Listener Questions Part 2 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Viewer and Listener Questions Part 2

Thanks to our awesome viewers and listeners they provided us with some really great questions to do an entire second show.  Thank you we truly are grateful. On this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Senior Selling and Buyers Real Estate Expert Steve Kruger joins us again to talk about a couple of questions that you think about but have not asked. One of those questions is about a pool and a pool house.  Pretty relevant summer questions.  Join us right here for the show.  It promises to be a real estate eye opener! Linda Craft Team, Realtors for more than 39 years their customers call their customer service “legendary”. Linda[…]

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Steve Kruger - Answering Viewer and Listener Questions Part 1 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Listener and Viewer Question Answered Part 1

We are grateful for all our DBTV viewers and podcast listeners.  Because we have some of the best listeners and viewers in the world, we reach out them to ask them what questions they would like to have answered. Well you did not disappoint!  You gave us a lot of really great questions.  In fact, so many we needed to do 2 shows to answer a good number of them. Who could handle answering these questions?  Well, we thought that none other than senior listing and buyers real estate expert Steve Kruger should sit down and answer those questions. So join us on Real Estate Right Now for part 1[…]

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Steve Kruger - Remote Work and Real Estate - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

How Remote Work Affects Real Estate and Provides Opportunities

The fact is remote work is here, and it is here to stay. Because of remote work many cities and states are losing population while other cities and states are seeing an increase. Is remote work affecting the housing market? Well according to a couple of articles by the New York Times and Money Magazine we are seeing some affects on different markets nationwide with regard to inventory rises and declines. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Senior Listing and Buyers Expert for Linda Craft Team Realtors Steve Kruger takes a closer look at how remote work may be affecting certain areas and what the opportunities and costs[…]

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Steve Kruger - Featured - What I wish I would have known before I got into real estate - real estate right now with Jay Izso

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Into Real Estate

Many people want to believe that going to real estate as a career is easy. But the fact is you spend hours taking a pre-licensing course. Then you must past the provisional brokers exam. Then in two years you must take classes to become a full-broker. And once you make it through all those things then you have to build a business. Building a business is not easy. Trying find clients is not easy. And then when you do have a client say a buyer, you spend hours researching and showing homes. And then what if they don’t buy anything? Perhaps you do sell a home, but then you realize[…]

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Chris Coy - Steve Kruger - Real Estate Right Now - Is the Housing Market in a Stalemate with Jay Izso

Is the Housing Market in a Stalemate? What Should You Do?

Recently an article posted on LinkedIn By Tiffany Moustakas, Editor at LinkedIn News posted an article that the U.S. housing market is in a stalemate. She presents a case that there is an increase mortgage inquiries, while at the same time a survey by suggests that people do not want to sell their homes in fear of having a higher mortgage rate. What is really happening? Well in this episode of Real Estate Right Now we bring on two guests to discuss the issue of stalemate in the housing market. We will be joined by Christopher Coy, senior loan officer from Townebank Morgage and Steve Kruger, senior home listing[…]

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Steve Kruger Real Estate Investing 101 -Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Real Estate Investing 101: Terms You Need to Know and Understand

People are still investing in the residential real estate market. Perhaps you are someone who has always considered investing in the real estate market, but you were not quite sure of the terminology. What do some of those words even mean? On this episode of Real Estate Right Now Steve Kruger of Linda Craft Team, Realtors returns to help simplify those investment real estate terms so you can make a more informed decision on your next real estate investment.  You can contact Steve at:  (919) 740-9795 Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS for more than 35 years they have been at the top of the list when it comes to real estate. […]

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Steve Kruger and Jay Izso Intro to Buying Your First Rental Property -Real Estate Right Now

Introduction to Buying Your First Rental – Steve Kruger and Jay Izso

  A popular topic we are often asked on Real Estate Right Now is about investing in real estate. There is certainly more to it that buying something and renting it. For example: How do you know if the property you are going to buy is going to be a good investment? How do you calculate the “CAP” rate? What is a “CAP” rate for that matter? How do you know if you are going to get a good return on your investment (ROI). Well on this episode Selling, Buying, and Investor Purchasing expert Steve Kruger (Professor Kruger), from Linda Craft Team, Realtors takes you to an introductory class on[…]

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Investing in Real Estate: The How, the What, and the Who

Investing in Real Estate: The How, The What and The Who

When it comes to investing in real estate people are always curious.  Perhaps you  are one of them?  Questions like…How does one get started in real estate investing?  What kind of properties are most people investing in?  And when it comes to investing in real estate who do you talk to? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Three experts that have professional experience in real estate investing from the small to the large are about to help you learn the how, what, and the who of investing in real estate. Our first guest Steve Kruger listing and buyers specialist with Linda Craft Team Realtors, has years of personal[…]

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