Investing in Real Estate: The How, the What, and the Who

Investing in Real Estate: The How, The What and The Who

Investing in Real Estate: The How, the What, and the WhoWhen it comes to investing in real estate people are always curious.  Perhaps you  are one of them?  Questions like…How does one get started in real estate investing?  What kind of properties are most people investing in?  And when it comes to investing in real estate who do you talk to?

In this episode of Real Estate Right Now! Three experts that have professional experience in real estate investing from the small to the large are about to help you learn the how, what, and the who of investing in real estate.

Steve KrugerOur first guest Steve Kruger listing and buyers specialist with Linda Craft Team Realtors, has years of personal and professional experience in the area of real estate investing, talks about different real estate investments and some different ways you can approach these investments.  He also discusses different leasing options, and cautions the first time investor not to spend their rent checks too fast because you are going to need the money down the road for repairs and others things. You can contact Steve at

Tony FinkTony Fink, a real estate expert with Linda Craft Team Realtors has a previous history working with corporate commercial investments.  And sits down to talk about how investments compare using capitalization rates a.k.a “Cap Rates”.  Which means you have to consider your expenses before you start thinking about how much money is going to pay.  And then demonstrates to us that a higher “Cap Rate” doesn’t always mean the best investment.  Because the higher the
Cap Rate the more risk.  He then discusses at length how your risk tolerance plays a role in deciding what to invest in.  Tony can be reached at

Scot McAlexander, TowneBank Commercial Banking OfficerFinally and we are so excited to have real estate investment lender Scot McAlexander from TowneBank Mortgage walks us through how you move from your first investment in real estate to moving up to larger commercial investments.  He then helps us understand that not all real estate investment are the same and getting some education before you just decide your going to invest in your first office building.  He further helps us understand how the lending side evaluates real estate investments and reminds us “not to quite our day job”.  Scot can be reached at

Thank you for watching and listening.  Real Estate Right Now! is a show that helps people all over the world understand the world of real estate.  If you have questions please feel free to email us at