Jason Langdon - Home Painting - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

How Paint Can Affect Your Home Both Inside and Out

Jason Langdon - Home Painting - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

We all know that painting your home is important.  The truth is you need to paint to protect the outside of the house…but it is just not paint that protects the house as our guest expert on this episode of Real Estate Right Now Jason Langdon owner of Platinum Painting explains.  The truth is your paint is only a good as your caulking.

Jason takes us through how to check to see if it is time to paint, what are some of the hottest and most popular paint colors.  The differences in types of paint and how to know how long a color should last.  He also takes us through how to overcome odors that are trapped in the walls whether it be from food or smoking, and more!  For sure it is a…colorful show!  You can call Platinum Painting at Phone: (919) 607-1833

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