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Tony Fink - What are Generational Homes and What is There Appeal - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

What is Multi-Generational Housing?

I remember growing up my aunt and uncle had a multi-story home where my aunt’s parents also lived. I guess you could say it was a multi-generational home. Today however, multi-generational homes are actually a class of homes that are being built for this generation. A number of years ago you may have heard of the phrase the “in-law suite”, but today they are actually building at times separate residence for that parent who wants some independence, but at the same time desires to be near the family. In this episode of Real Estate Right Now Tony Fink, Linda Craft Team Realtors senior Listing expert talks about generational homes from[…]

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Chris Coy - Real Estate Mortgage Update 2024 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Mortgage Update May 2024

If you talk to anyone about real estate, it is inevitable that the conversation will come around to interest rates. And Interest rates have not moved much in the past few months.  If anything they seem to have increased. We are nearly half way through May of 2024. Interest rates have been the talk of the country. What should you know as we head into summer of 2024? The state of the mortgage industry has been a little crazy to say the least. The rates have stayed high relative to the 3% interest rates we knew just a couple of years ago. Well to answer all these questions and more,[…]

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Steve Kruger - Answering Viewer and Listener Questions Part 2 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Viewer and Listener Questions Part 2

Thanks to our awesome viewers and listeners they provided us with some really great questions to do an entire second show.  Thank you we truly are grateful. On this episode of Real Estate Right Now, Senior Selling and Buyers Real Estate Expert Steve Kruger joins us again to talk about a couple of questions that you think about but have not asked. One of those questions is about a pool and a pool house.  Pretty relevant summer questions.  Join us right here for the show.  It promises to be a real estate eye opener! Linda Craft Team, Realtors for more than 39 years their customers call their customer service “legendary”. Linda[…]

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Judd Weisgal - What is in the mind of a home buyer in today's real estate market - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Inside the Mind of Homebuyer Who Owns a Home

There are many people who would like to buy a home, but they don’t…So, what’s is a home buyer who can afford to buy thinking when it comes to buy a home? Does having a lower interest rate really on their current home keeping a buyer from buying a home, knowing that they are going to have a higher interest rate? How much of a factor is it? Does the lower home inventory keep a home buyer out of the market? How much of an impact does that have on their decision? In this episode of Real Estate Right Now we are joined by Judd Weisgal who currently owns a[…]

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