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Chris Coy - Real Estate Mortgage Update 2024 - Real Estate Right Now with Jay Izso

Mortgage Update May 2024

If you talk to anyone about real estate, it is inevitable that the conversation will come around to interest rates. And Interest rates have not moved much in the past few months.  If anything they seem to have increased. We are nearly half way through May of 2024. Interest rates have been the talk of the country. What should you know as we head into summer of 2024? The state of the mortgage industry has been a little crazy to say the least. The rates have stayed high relative to the 3% interest rates we knew just a couple of years ago. Well to answer all these questions and more,[…]

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Chris Coy - Steve Kruger - Real Estate Right Now - Is the Housing Market in a Stalemate with Jay Izso

Is the Housing Market in a Stalemate? What Should You Do?

Recently an article posted on LinkedIn By Tiffany Moustakas, Editor at LinkedIn News posted an article that the U.S. housing market is in a stalemate. She presents a case that there is an increase mortgage inquiries, while at the same time a survey by suggests that people do not want to sell their homes in fear of having a higher mortgage rate. What is really happening? Well in this episode of Real Estate Right Now we bring on two guests to discuss the issue of stalemate in the housing market. We will be joined by Christopher Coy, senior loan officer from Townebank Morgage and Steve Kruger, senior home listing[…]

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Real Estate Morgage Predictions for 2023 - Chis Coy and Jay Izso - Real Estate Right Now Show

Real Estate Mortgage Predictions for 2023

Like most people we are all wondering what it is the real estate market and the mortgage marketing going to do. Can we make a safe prediction? Does the data tell us anything? Are you on the fence as to whether you should buy or sell? Should you get out of your apartment? Townebank Senior Loan Officer and Market Researcher Chris Coy joins us on this episode of Real Estate Right Now to provide you with some predictions and insights based on the data. As well as some things you will want to consider in the current real estate market and going forward. Join us! Linda Craft Team, Realtors, For[…]

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